1934 Methuselah

Lunch at Scholars Wine Bar
28th November 2013

Company: Keith Brien, Adam Foster, Steve Kelly, Vince Gangemi, Dennis Murphy, Roger Boulton, Ben Ranken, Tim Sherwood, Ron D’Alboro, Tony Symons, Phil Asker.

Sommelier assisting: Stuart Quinn.

Oysters with Sevruga Caviar, Consomme of Pork Hock & Shiitake Mushroom

1x 2002 Dom Perignon donated by Vince

Colour: Pale straw with vibrant effervescence.
Bouquet: Fine, toasty yeast with great aged complexity.
Palate: Very finely balanced and elegant palate and graceful length.

1 x 2002 Pol Roger donated by Adam

Colour: Deep straw/gold with vibrant effervescence.
Bouquet: Lean minerality & yeast dominant.
Palate: Very fine zesty acidity with great length and punchy finish.

Quenelles de Merlan (Souffléed Whiting Dumplings) with Lobster Bisque

1 x Rothbury Reserve wood matured Semillon 1971 donated by Keith

Colour: Dark golden brown.
Bouquet: Maderised fruit with overt oxidation.
Palate: Not enjoyable and sadly past its peak.

1x Rothbury Reserve wood matured Semillon 1981 donated by Keith

Colour: Golden green.
Bouquet: Fine lemon & lime flower with wonderful complexity.
Palate: Sumptuous, elegant, yet rich fruit fills the palate with great acidity holding a rigid line of flavours to a lingering finish.

1x Bonneau du Martray Corton Charlemagne 1996 donated by Vince

Colour: Slightly dull brass/straw.
Bouquet: Honey with hints of flint.
Palate: Slightly oxidised courseness yet a great depth of character with some fruit still evident & a long finish showing lemon overtones.

Two-Point Lamb Rack with Terrine of Tongue and Brain Beignet

1 x 6lt. Methuselah of Chateau Gruaud-Larose 1934

Colour: Deep Burgundy/ dark red with slight amber tones in the meniscus.
Bouquet: Cedar cigar box with overtones of slatey, damp soil.
Palate: Cedar with leafy earthiness lifted by dark sweet fruit nuances leading to a long, complex, fine acid finish. The after palate showing hints of mushroom and very fine fruit leaving no doubt it still has time to go in a bottle of this size.

1 x Chateau Gruaud-Larose 1983 donated by Phil

Colour: Deep Burgundy.
Bouquet: Earthy, slightly burnt fruit cake, initially with slight sulphur overtones
Palate: Rich blackberry type fruit leads a broadly textured palate with persistent fine tannin structure leaving the fruit a little short and acid slightly dominant. Perhaps time will see this reach greater balance.

1 x Chateau Margaux 1988 donated by Ron

Colour: Dark magenta/black.
Bouquet: Cedar, earth, mint and slightly musty/ mushroom overtone with a brambly/ sappy fruit showing.
Palate: Amazing mouth filling fruit begins an almost overwhelming texture, like fruit concentrate, leading to a beautifully balanced finesse in the fine tannin length and finish – wow!

Shaw River ‘Lady Julia’ Buffalo Cheddar & Tarrago River ‘Jensen’s Red’

1 x Quelltaler ‘Wyatt Earp’ 1975 Port – from the restaurant

Colour: Mid magenta with darker centre.
Bouquet: Blackcurrant fruit overlayed with complex and enticing brandy spirit.
Palate: Broad rich fruit dominates a complex and balanced length and lingering finish leaving great memories of a day well spent.