Vincenzo’s Old Block, Shepparton

It is well understood in the Wine Industry that as vines grow old they begin to struggle and produce less but more expressive fruit than when young and vigorous. ‘Old Vines’ fruit is the most sought after because of its intensity and depth of character for which there is no substitute in the art of premium winemaking.

The fruit for the Vincenzo O.V. comes from plantings from the early 1960’s and is approximately 60% Mourvedre with the balance Shiraz. The gnarled, fully mature vines show a natural suitability to the rugged soils and warm climate. These varieties benefit greatly through blending, offering better balance of the spicy rich fruit overlaying deep tannic complexities. This develops and improves for many years as shown by wines of Southern France and the Rhone Valley.

When I began working with the late Vincenzo Conte’s eldest son, Vince, in 2003, the vineyard required extensive re-working to achieve maximum quality fruit. Since then, Vince and I have worked to establish new trellis and pruning techniques to re-invigorate the quality of the viticultural management. Through our continued care and dedication to the soil and vines, I passionately believe the resultant vines will lay new quality standards for blends of these varieties. It brings me great pleasure simply to walk amongst these old vines which display their struggle for survival through gnarled and twisted trunks rising from the meagre soil that feeds them.